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things i love, part 4

August 22nd, 2011

in part four of my ongoing beauty posts…my favorite nailpolish of the moment, american apparel’s ‘neon’ collection. i recently purchased the neon orange (far right) and i never want to take it off! it’s actually much brighter than the picture shows here…really quite an eye catching shade! the red, yellow, and blue are on my list to get next, and they have even more shades…HERE.


things i love, part 3

July 12th, 2011


okay, so i admit it…i was strolling around fashiontoast the other day and found rumi’s post on urban decay’s ‘naked’ eyeshadow palette really intriguing. anyway, after the darn thing wouldn’t get out of my mind for a few days i decided i NEEDED it. and of course, i’m thrilled with it and i don’t think i’ll ever need any other eyeshadow. i mean…a shadow palette where you can actually realistically foresee using EVERY color, more than once? what a concept.

got mine at a sephora store, but it’s sold out online.


things i love, part 2

May 22nd, 2011


so, i’m not big into hair really because…well, mostly because i’m just lazy when it comes to my hair! but luckily i have friends who know hair and keep me in the loop. here are two products i’ve been loving. left: it’s a 10 miracle hair mask, which i’ve been using as a deep condition as well as a daily conditioner. it makes my hair feel more soft and smooth than any conditioner i’ve ever tried. right: bumble and bumble surf spray, which is perfect for me since i can’t stand spending a long time (read: more than 5 minutes) doing my hair in the morning. i can spray some of this stuff in, mess it up a little, and look like i just came from a dip in the ocean…hmm, did i mention i need a vacation…?


things i love, part 1

April 29th, 2011

i guess this means i need to hurry and post a part 2, or this might not make any sense. in any case, while in new york city last fall, my sister introduced me to sabon and i went home with their vanilla coconut body scrub (top picture). you can use it in the shower up to 2 times a week to scrub away all those dead skin cells. it makes your skin feel unbelievably silky and perfectly moisturized. i love the smell of the vanilla coconut…next on the list to try are the lemon mint and lavender apple!

order sabon’s body scrub HERE!