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summer vacation wishlist

May 28th, 2011

one of the most exciting parts of going on a trip to me is always shopping, even more so when i’m headed somewhere that’s well-known for having amazing places to shop. so with my trip to san francisco coming up, i decided i need someplace to start, a kind of loosely-planned wishlist to keep me on track when i’m faced with streets lined with adorable boutiques and unbelievable thrift store finds.

1. simple summer dress. yes, i have lots of dresses but i tend to fall out of love with them shortly after wearing. found this one at planet blue.

2. statement necklace. i only have a couple necklaces that i truly love, and they are large and in charge. san fran seems like the perfect place to find some sort of outrageous neck piece. this one (far out of my price range, unfortunately) is by mania mania.

3. neutral colored lightweight blouse. yes, this is a very generic description, but realistically, if i had 7+ of these, each in various neutral colors, i would wear one every day of the week. i have a couple but haven’t bought a new one in a while. this super-pale pink one is from acne.

4. sensible summer footwear. although as i’ve mentioned (many times), i’d love to splurge on some outrageous sky-high wedges, i really REALLY need more basics. looking for some boot-like gladiator sandals (left, found on freepeople.com), or some short light-colored booties (right, acne pistol boots which i posted a few days ago).

5. silk printed jacket. okay, this one is a little more specific, but totally possible in a city full of vintage finds. a piece like this could spice up my summer uniform…i.e. shorts and tank…quite a bit. found this one at nastygal.com

wish me luck!


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